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Pink Eye Club Single launch, Meatraffle at The Windmill

Sold out, loved up night to celebrate a true outsider artist, Haydn, AKA Pink Eye Club, and the release of his first single on Blang Records, the champion of outsider artists, Same Job For Three Years. Headlining the show are another recent signing to Blang, and another epitome of outsider art, the mighty and invigorated Meatraffle, joined onstage by the beautifully expressive living sculpture that is Ollie Mozley. Compared by the silky and spivtastic GaryParadiso

BRUNO’s Birthday Bash @The Windmill.

Alien Chicks, Neuro Placid and friends. Windmill Sept 2022

Neuro Placid, Sulk, Painted Bird Live at the Windmill


WHITE DEVIL DISCO @ The Windmill feat Joanie, Situationist Moon Unit.

Pri Art Salon

Avant Practiced 28/06/2022 White Devil Disco Takeover