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Neuro Placid Live at Avalon May 2022

CREDIT for any photos used on INSTAGRAM: @lousmithphoto


Fox & Firkin all dayer hosted by Dead Fly Collective. House Arrest, Alien Chicks, Black Bordello, Brian Destiny, Fat Dog.

CREDIT for any photos used on INSTAGRAM: @lousmithphoto

Neuro Placid/ Pigeonhole live at The Windmill April 2022

Photo dump from last night at The Windmill. Too many for instagram!


Sunday 26th May 2019 was the day when this happened.

Friends and family of Jack Medley turned up to express their love and admiration for a truly remarkable being. Funny, gifted, generous, huge of heart, fearless, reckless.

Snuffed out so young, when all was poised for him to realise some of his long-held dreams. The generosity and dedication to Jack has already enabled those whose lives he touched to realise some of this in his absence, but it has taught us a lot more about how love and courage can really shape our world.

A truly fitting tribute to a fallen angel.

I am not sure he would will be content to rest in peace. I think he would want to live on in all our hearts, encouraging us to live beyond fear, always at the best after-show parties, always pushing, always instigating, always loving, always there.

Please enjoy and share the pictures of the amazing day we made for him.



The Starlight Magic Hour, POSA and Mold live at The Windmill, scenes from The Shed, and driving to a long party.



Crust Conductor Pizza Bus

Young Chef Iris strikes again. This time on the Crust Conductor Pizza bus, Peckham.

Iris Cooks Food

Today I made pizza on the Crust Conductor bus in Copeland Park, Peckham with Chef Johnnie. We made a scrumdiliumpitous Plain Jane (margherita) with fresh Rocket, Mmm yum! So how we made was that we got the dough and patted it on flour with our palm and stretched  it to about 12 inches big. I rolled it with the rolling pin and turned it  half way and kept rolling until it was circular, then finished stretching it by hand. Then we added the “Secret Recipe Passata.” and we poured half a ladle spoon in to the centre of the dough and slowly spreaded it around the dough. We topped it with 100% mozzarella and used a paddle  to put it in the wood-fired oven. It started bubbling up after only a minute in the oven, so it needed to be turned around to cook evenly. Once it was out, we…

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Starsha Lee The Water Rats March 2016

Fat White Family. House of Vans. March 18/03/2016

Lias, clearly shattered from his Moonlandingz exploits in Texas giving his best shot at connecting with the equally bemused Dizzee Rascal fans. We, (Ed Kingpin ) got VIP passes, free merch and drink tokens, so were well happy, the boys looked and sounded great, kept it up-tempo (No Goodbye Goebbels for this lot) and a swathe of the yute were left thinking, ‘Well that was something’ Lighting was pretty rad too.

Sleaze, Meatraffle, Warmdüscher. Windmill, Brixton. March 9th 2016.

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