Through the lens of Lou Smith.

Fat White Family ‘Take it Like a Man’ at Power Lunches » Introducing Robert Rubbish

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  1. KeithAllen Satan

    Communist or Anarchist by Appearance Nazi capitalist and celebrity sycophant by nature
    Pig man cartoons are sadistic bullying which are based on your perception that people with a “pig” nose are inferior and worthy of ridicule, or one could say, SUB HUMAN, as the nazis would see it.

    Your sycophant materialistic behaviours around wealthy celebrities (who may very well present themselves as socialist or anarchist but who are the Right wing labour parties smear agents and capitalist by nature) prove your lack of morality.

    Let alone your connection with other notable petty malicious criminals who steal from the innocent and then victimise and slander after they have stolen from them, by calling their victims rapists, grasses/snitches, kiddy fiddlers, heroin dealers etc.

    Your defence may be that you say your victims are jealous and “have no friends”, however, your victims may have lost their friends because of you and your petty materialist extreme capitalist criminals buddies who victimised them by spreading your/their slander everywhere but especially where they live.

    Why you need to ruin peoples lives, I have no idea, But perhaps it is because You were the one who was jealous and it was you who thought you could prove your self worth by material status of gaining friends by any means necessary, fair means or foul.

    Slandering some one as a rapist deserves retaliation.
    You will not get away with such activities forever Robert Greene.
    Try and twist your way out of this one you nasty little snide bullshitter.
    Will Keith Allen fight for you?

    Now, I know that Anarchism was based in Anti-semititistic in nature, but do you really think that hanging out with Satanists is really the answer, just because you were a nasty kid who didn’t want to ever be told that the nasty things that you did were wrong by your mum or the church folk at the sunday school you were forced to go to.

    Your problem is with your mum not with religious people who are harmless by trying to do good to people with their lives.
    Dont turn nasty and slander because you have got caught.

    As for jealous for your success and popularity, the people who you have found popularity with are either as nasty and ignorant as you are, or are oblivious to your true selfish and troublesome nature.

    Your “success” is purely material, and even then, isn’t much to write home about. If I did any “art work” that looked anything like any of your works I would disown them and thrown them in the bin.

    Even if you were the most successful artist in the world, as long as you continue to bully and victimise innocent people who you have no part in attacking, you will never achieve any progress in the spirituality. You cant buy spiritual progress, not even the wealthiest man in the world can, not even from the Pope or the Dalai Lama, as Lily thought she could, all she has brought is superficial material respect among people who have lost their way.

    April 25, 2015 at 8:21 pm

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