Through the lens of Lou Smith.

Champagne Holocaust aka Meat Divine

Prodigal son Lias returns from 4 1/2 months in China  teaming up with Saul, to re-form, for an indeterminate period, the inherently unstable nucleus of the brilliant Champagne Holocaust, also known as Meat Divine and the Fat White Family.

Prodigal Lias

There is definitely a fissile energy and expectant atmosphere, in the room whenever these guys are on stage together, when their indisputable individual talents coalesce into a tour de force.

Like lovers reunited after an absence, their debut un-rehearsed set, filmed here in its entirety is at times tentative, and faltering as we witness them feeling each other out and remembering the arrangements, but the quality of the songs, the brooding stage presence and the momentous nature of the occasion shines through.

Lias Saoudi and Saul Adamczewski

The Holocaust is back and poised to blast itself into the future. Catch them before they fallout.

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