Through the lens of Lou Smith.

TRASHMOUTH RECORDS PARTY inc “KHAKI TEARS” Album Launch – Warmduscher + Meatraffle, Pit Ponies, Bat-Bike, Madonnatron & DJ battle

The unstoppable Trashmouth Records celebrating the release of Khaki Tears by Warmduscher with a label-mates party at the hallowed Windmill, honorary home to all things good in music in South London, featuring all usual suspects, reaching peaks of frenzy rarely witnessed north of the river. Warmduscher topped the bill with a near evangelical zeal, with the mosh whipped into stage invading fervour.

“I feel truly blessed being born south of the London river. There is something really evil about North London, it has no oxygen and smells of out of date Taramasalata” – ZsaZsa Sapien, Meatraffle.

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