Through the lens of Lou Smith.


RIDDLES Wizards of War Video Launch, Black Heart, Camden 07/05/2015

Due to technical constraints too dull to recount here, the actual video was never played, but at least we got to watch the backing video on loop to augment the rifftastic RIDDLES shredding up the heavy PA till our ears bled.

Anyway the full video can be seen here in all its HD glory!

RIDDLES: The Union Bar, Hastings.

Drove Jimi, Rufus and a boot-full of amps, pedals and guitars down to a sunny (then rainy) Hastings by the seaside, to eat fish and chips from the Blue Dolphin, conk out on the sea front (flat battery) then bump-start back into the game, for them Riddles boys to play a homecoming gig at the Union Bar, formerly the Tubman.

TRASHMOUTH RECORDS PARTY inc “KHAKI TEARS” Album Launch – Warmduscher + Meatraffle, Pit Ponies, Bat-Bike, Madonnatron & DJ battle

The unstoppable Trashmouth Records celebrating the release of Khaki Tears by Warmduscher with a label-mates party at the hallowed Windmill, honorary home to all things good in music in South London, featuring all usual suspects, reaching peaks of frenzy rarely witnessed north of the river. Warmduscher topped the bill with a near evangelical zeal, with the mosh whipped into stage invading fervour.

“I feel truly blessed being born south of the London river. There is something really evil about North London, it has no oxygen and smells of out of date Taramasalata” – ZsaZsa Sapien, Meatraffle.

RIDDLES @ Rough Trade East for Record Store Day.

Riddles celebrate their double A-side single launch by tearing it up at Rough Trade East today. Earlier in the week I shot the second part of their official promo for ‘Wizards of War’ which will be getting an exclusive premiere very soon now. It’s going to be huge.  A live performance of Wizards of War from today’s event appears below.

Trashmouth Records Label-mates party @ The Shacklewell Arms, Madonnatron, Pit Ponies, Meatraffle, Taman Shud.

Trashmouth Records held their Label-mates party at The Shacklewell Arms, with a showcase of four of their top bands. Some great music, some great free rum, some great legs…..

Easycome, White Horse, Peckham, 4/3/2015 and Canavan’s Pool Hall after.

Another great night at Easycome with Music from amongst others, Misty Miller, Riddles, Flameproof Moth, Lewis Floyd Henry, Karen Barnes…. Then over to Canavan’s Pool Hall for an hour’s pool and shenanigans.