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Easycome Acoustic, 25th Feb, 2015.

There’s nowhere like home, and home on a Wednesday night in South London is Easycome Acoustic, hosted by the loveable/irascible Andy Allan. There’s been some spectacularly moving, intense, intimate, explosive nights here over the years. Long may it be so.

The Severed Limb 7″ single launch party (with Orchestre Du Mont-Plaisant)

Two great bands grace the stage of hallowed Windmill to celebrate the 7″ Double-A Single release “If You Ain’t Livin'” “Tidy is a Vulture.”

The Weeks, Swampmother Live At The Windmill, Brixton

I had the double pleasure of photographing two bands I’d never seen before. Tim Perry of The Windmill gave me the heads up that they weren’t to be missed and he wasn’t wrong. The Weeks crammed in a secret one nighter before heading back home to Mississippi having drunk The Windmill dry of Tequila. Swampmother ground out some quality, dirty riff-strewn blues with explosive percussion. Headliners The Weeks played their southern rock to a full house of die-hard fans with an affectionate zeal, and degree of self parody that added much humour to their infectious danceable sound. Left the place clammy and clamouring for more.

Misty Miller, Shame, Shark Dentist @ The Windmill, Brixton.

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Where’s Daddy’s Pig? Push a pig to Parliament.

“Today, in an extraordinary art performance artist Mark McGowan crawled along the road on his hands and knees pushing a toy pig with his nose the 4.1 miles from Kings College Hospital in Camberwell Green to number 10 Downing Street, to protest against this governments privatisation of the NHS.”

Performance art protest against section 75, privatisation of NHS. Mark McGovern, himself recently diagnosed with cancer puts in a huge effort to draw attention to the plight of the NHS, which is, as we speak being carved up and put out to tender, so that shareholders and MPs with a stake in private healthcare can profit from ‘caring’ for the vulnerable, sick and elderly. If we were each able to devote a hundredth of his commitment and passion for the NHS, we could still save it for the good of us all instead of the benefit of a few.The Bill has been passed. with barely a mention by the mainstream news organs, and hurried through under the convenient cloak of Austerity Measures whilst we are all striving so hard to keep afloat, that we are too ‘busy’ to do anything about it. We do need to wake up to the fact that it is happening and it is not in our interest. We have to act. When it’s gone, it’s gone.