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War Horse comes to Peckham.

Members of the Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment congregated on Lyndhurst Way in Peckham this morning. They were joined by Joey, the National Theatre’s life-size puppet horse from War Horse. They were there as part of a project devised by local Artist and social historian Melissa Jo Smith  to re-create a scene captured in 1915 in the exact same location. Click on the image to zoom. 

 Lyndhurst panorama


Misty Miller at Paper Dress Vintage Video and Pictures

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Fat White Family, Misty Miller, Midnight Barbers,Tash & Beth


Fat White Family ‘Take it Like a Man’ at Power Lunches

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Fat White Family Hackney Working Girls Club

Misty Miller @ Oxjam, Windmill, Brixton

Took Bombi to the Windmill to catch Misty’s set. Here are a handful of shots I managed to grab.


Fat White Family, Brixton Windmill

Slidefest Highlights, best of the rest from the night.

Highlights of the Slide Fest, best of the rest. In order of appearance…. Adam J Harmer, The One Man Destruction Show,  Tash and Beth, Transcoda, Zoetrope, Black Manila.

Slide Fest Fat Whites Album launch party/ farewell gig

Road Testing! The Fat White Family, Misty Miller, One Man Destruction Show LIVE @ Paper Dress Vintage

Some photos of the Night.

Got there too late for One Man Destruction Show. Videos to follow…

Easycome Acoustic Highlights, 13th June 2012

Highlights of Hank Dog’s Easycome acoustic night from Wed 13 june 2012, featuring Flameproof Moth, Gregg Kolfi Brown,Lewis Floyd Henry, Misty Miller and Sasha Adamczewski.

SupaJam/ Gibson Jubilee Boat Party

Supajam invited me to record the events of the Gibson Guitar UK/ SupaJam spring/ summer EP series launch party on
Tamesis Dock, a boat moored on the Thames, on June 4th

Bands featuring on the EP played a showcase set, highlights of which appear on this page.

To read a full review of the evening’s proceedings written by the incisive and insightful Mister Charlie visit


Headlining our show and fresh back from a string of sold out European dates, Black Manila marry dancefloor killing, bass throbbing grooves to pure sweet garage rock grit. Taking a pinch of Velvet Underground, a shnifter of Black Lips and adding a pulsing, London heartbeat, their debut single Fiasco has been getting spun on NME Radio, and picked up Single of the Day from Clash Magazine. They’re on the verge of great things, catch em before they blow…


With a single on Captured Tracks that moved The Fader to describe Dignan Porch as “so perfect they feel timeless”, the Tooting 5 piece sling slacker riffs over psychedelic swirls to conjure a glowing world of fuzzy tripped-out fantasy. Drowned in Sound have frothed over their ‘excellent’ debut album, Vice and Pitchfork have both tipped them for big things, they’ve another album coming this year, and it’s time you saw what all the fuss is about!


The best live band in London, bar none, Fat Whites are pretty new, and pretty amazing. Nihilistic lyrics, raging punk energy, towering edifices of crunching rock n roll riffs and tumble weed trills of Spaghetti Western guitar, all encased in a bleakly funny humour make them utterly essential. Watching Fat Whites play is good for your soul and bad for your liver.


Plying icicle shards of early 80s influenced goth-punk, Cold in Berlin have become the darlings of Artrocker magazine, picking up a 5* review for their debut album. With shades of The Cure, and the dark mystique of classic Banshees, CiB have become as renowned for their commanding live show as they have their excellent records.

Here is a video of the highlights from the night. Black Manila 2nd track is not England as titled. 

Fat White Family @ Bethnal Green Working Men’s Club

Slide in @ the QH

Slide-In @ The Queen’s Head, Brixton

Here are my photographic highlights from Friday night’s Slide-In musical Smorgasbord from the Queen’s Head, Brixton.

If you can fill in the blanks in the captions, or can come up with amusing alternatives, please feel free to leave a comment. You can even like my post if you like it, or subscribe to keep updated with the latest pictures and videos of your favourite bands.

Howlin Filth and the Rent Boys play the infamous ‘Bar Tab Gig’ @ the Queen’s Head, Brixton.

Brilliant in its shambolicness, Alabama 3 front-man Larry Love pays his debt to society by trying to harness the maverick talents of Fat White Family nucleus,  Saul, Lias and Nathan, in various states of dress-code at the Queen’s Head, Brixton

Last Resort Debt Collection Agency warmed up.

Fat White Family @ Servant Jazz Quarters, Dalston.

Video of two tracks from Saturday Nights Gig.

Photos of last night’s gig at the Servant Jazz Quarters in Dalston.

Fat White Family: Special Cream, Bombo Neutron. New Video Footage!

In Case any of you out there haven’t got the message yet, this is simply the best band there is, seen here performing on their home turf at The Windmill, Brixton. Spread the word, Tell your friends, Leave comments, Like stuff, Get it seen….. Subscribe… get more Fat White Family

Video clip of tracks ‘Special Ape’ and ‘Cream of the Young’

New Video: Autoneutron, Bomb Disneyland

Latest Fat White family Live @ The Windmill

London Contemporary Orchestra and SDNA @ Ron Arad’s Curtain Call

I was fortunate enough recently to have been asked to take some photos of a recent performance by the London Contemporary Orchestra at the Roundhouse as part of the Installation piece Ron Arad’s curtain call. by my friends Valentina Floris and Ben Foot of  SDNA

The orchestra played in an amphitheatre of silicon rods arranged like an endless curtain, onto whose surface a seamless and constantly shifting series of visuals played out on and through an epic 360° diaphanous canvas.

Dreamlike and at times unsettling images of quivering insects – a trademark of SDNA, the creative brains behind the content of the projections – exposed and contained by the spotlight’s disc, random interspecies juxtaposition, sometimes reaching nightmarish proportions. Death’s Head Moths, giant Mantids and Lacewings, and the ever-recurring trembling urgency of the moths. At other times geometric slabs and filaments of light suggest a living bar code, or piano keys. Serene oceans of blue with Anemone tentacles soothe and entrance. Huge images of Big Sister are half-glimpsed through the slow-motion shutter of an out of sync  zoetrope. A rhythmic procession of slowly revolving dancers drift down like dandelion seeds. The visuals build to an Orwelian climax of a kind of giant clock machine, whose huge cogs crunch inexorably round, dwarfing the crisp silhouettes of the audience, who are by now exploring outside the curtain and are propped up against the walls or the rings of pillars that define the space. Here and there they notice a choral group on the balcony or a stringed quartet or two, nestling between more pillars. All in all a Smörgåsbord of visual delights, with a damn fine orchestra thrown in.

Anyway, the point of all this is that I was asked to photograph it, which I did. It was a pleasure as it looked so good, and complemented the topography of the space so well, offering plenty of scope for dynamic images.

Here are some of the pictures on SNDA’s wall.

Aquarius Festival

A couple of pics from Saturday’s Aquarius Festival, where I suspect I got the food poisoning I’m suffering from now. May post some more when I feel better!

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More Videos From Aquarius Golf Club

More top moosic from the Aquarius Golf Club.

Flameproof Moth, Lewis Floyd Henry and Popskull

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The Musical Week in Pictures

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